OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE Illinois Automobile Dealers Association

Day: November 5, 2021


NADA Market Beat September 2021

New light-vehicle sales in September 2021 fell for the fifth straight month to a SAAR of 12.2 million units. September 202l’s SAAR was the lowest since May 2020’s 12.1 million units, dropping the 2021 Q3 average SAAR to 13.3 million. Tight inventories have limited both fleet and retail sales, with fleet sales likely accounting for just 12% of total sales volume, according to J.D. Power. September 2021 started off with record-low inventory levels of 1.06 million units and will likely show little change in the final


IADA Consultant’s Corner: When Life Looks Like Easy Street, There is Danger at Your Door

Record profitability makes every dealer wish they had another dealership. How many times have I been asked lately, “Have you heard of anything for sale?” When almost every dealer feels the same way, it does make you wonder if there is some potential future negative in all this euphoria. But first, how did we get here?


IADA Counselor’s Corner: Current And Continued Challenges for Business Employers in the Workplace Against the Backdrop of the Ongoing Pandemic

With the current spread of COVID-19 variants, many businesses, including dealerships, are facing challenges associated with requiring proof of employees’ vaccination status, wearing masks and submitting to regular COVID-19 testing. Dealerships should consult with their own private attorneys about the careful development of vaccination policies to address these issues.