2020 Issue 4 Articles


Dealer Profile: Jack Schmitt

Jack Schmitt’s father, William Schmitt, was a Chevrolet dealer starting in the 1920s in Troy, Illinois. “I started working at the dealership at age 15. The dealership was also a Standard Oil station, so I greased cars, pumped gas and did whatever was needed. In 1959, after graduating from Illinois College, my brother-in-law and I purchased a Chevrolet Buick Dealership in Nokomis, Illinois.


What Is Leadership?

What is leadership? In today’s world, we are often asked many questions and read lots of endless articles about the buzz topics and buzz words like todays digital retailing or the virtual customer, etc. … but what we don’t read enough about or get direction on is how to lead, how to make those around you better, or how to tackle tough things as a group.