Pub. 10 2020 Issue 2 PVR ASAP WITH RMG True 100% ownership is the promise of the RMG/Portfolio program. A promise we have kept for over 35 years and for over 1,000 clients as we have successfully delivered on our mission to give dealerships like yours superior profitability. • We do it by providing higher and more consistent F&I Profits. • We do it by providing targeted recruiting and training to ensure success. • We do it by providing superior customized F&I product solutions. • And we do it by providing dedicated compliance expertise that was developed specifically to keep our dealer/partners out of hot water . Equally important is the fact that our people are available to your people 24/7/365 - from Day 1. Greg Hoffman , President - Call us today at 800-761-4546 and request your free, no-obligation RMG Dealer Profit Assessment, customized for your dealership. Let us maximize your personal wealth at the same time we’re maximizing your PVR. MAXIMIZE YOUR 25 Years of Building Wealth for America’s Auto Dealers resources management group RESOURCES MANAGEMENT GROUP